Our Mission Statement


Welcome to Supernatural Angels Paranormal Services include: private and public ghost and paranormal investigations, psychic/angelic mediumship, energy clearing and future psychic workshops. To request help or contact us to carry out a ghost investigation contact us.e.

Our Team Mission is to:

  • To help those who are plagued by spirits 
  • To help spirits who are stuck in limbo to move forward
  • To bring peace to the spirit world, with the help of the Angels
  • To find the exsistence of Spirits and the Supernatural through scientific analysis
  • To de-bunk experiences using other means before acknowledging it to be Paranormal  Graveyard  

Supernaturalangels Paranormal are a team of Investigators who came together in 2011.  Like most Paranormal teams our aim is to prove the exsistence of Ghosts and Spirits through means of Psychic Communication, Paranormal equipment and Digital Imaging.

Founded by myself Gemma Griffiths and Joanne Kyte the team specialises in the Midlands area and over the past year have added more members to the group.  If you would like us to come and investigate a location for you then contact us and we will be more than happy to assist in any way that we can.

Unlike some other paranormal groups we are more than happy to team up on Investigations.  We are all aiming for the same results and sometimes a different approach is needed.  Furthermore we believe that when it comes to paranormal investigations we are one big family within the community, So feel free to contact us if you are within the Derbyshire/Staffordshire/ East Midlands area and the rest of England and Wales and you would like to work alongside us.

We also do home and industrial and commerical visits, we will investigate any location big or small.  We are also UFO Investigators and work with our Angels to help spirits to cross over, we have worked with our Angels for over 10 years now and will always endevour with the help of our Angels to help any spirits that are trapped or lost.  If you are being plagued by Spirits and you are not sure who to turn to then get in contact with SupernaturalAngels Paranormal Society, we will do all we can to help. 

Check out our alternative website www.spiritualhorizons.org.uk for our Spiritual and Holistical therapies and services.

We are fully insured by Balens Insurance, professional, friendly and trustworthy.



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